Friday, 28 September 2012

UKI Unveils the IT Industry’s First Social Media Security Certification Powered by CompTIA for Information Security Professionals

The Ultimate Knowledge Institute (UKI), a most important information technology & information safety training organization with over 25,000 trained proficient’s, responds to market demands for community media safety standards by bringing a new training & certification plan

The Social Media Security Professional Certification. Powered by CompTIA, this new certification recognizes an individual's skill to mitigate social networking dangers & respond to safety incidents. Certified professionals will help lead the development of organizational social media personnel security rule. 

We performed wide research & found that organizations are struggling to correctly safe their serious information from social media hackers & there is a surprising lack of professionals with capability in recognizing and mitigating social media protection risks.” said Dr. Scott A. Wells, UKI co-founder. 
CompTIA Exam

Businesses & government agencies in the world are becoming more and more aware of the risks involved in social networking, and are looking for professionals with confirmed skills to help them achieve business tasks by defensive the organizations’ core assets.

The rising concerns over social media security are reflected in a 2012 RIMS Benchmark inspection, where 60 %of threat managers recognized social media as both an asset & a liability to their group. According to the 2011 Barracuda Labs report Social Networking safety & Privacy, 87% of respondent’s terror that employee use of social media networks can put in danger company safety.

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