Thursday, 24 October 2013

Suddenly It’s Microsoft, Not Google, That Apple Hates

Apple (AAPL ) CEO suddenly has a new target , instead of Google for all your zingers - Microsoft ( MSFT ) .

It seems that the last play of Steve Ballmer to acquire ( NOK ) Nokia phone and tablet business is rankling Cupertino band . Since Google ( GOOG ) introduced Android to compete with the iPhone , most of the anger, and Steve Jobs, before him, he walked to the search giant . Old "I'm a Mac , I'm a PC" ads from Apple seems like ancient history .

But all that has changed , since it was clear from the start of opening Apple event on Tuesday .

"I'm confused " competition that has no name . " They chased after the netbook. Now are trying to make PCs and tablets in the tablet PC . Who knows what they'll do next?"

No name but not unknown - a reference to the Microsoft Surface tables , which are highlights of office software and keyboards, was clear. Apple has also provided the key to the day of the surface of the second generation tablet is for sale , clear all Microsoft press freedom could get.

Free, free and free

And do not just talk. Apple announced that its new operating system upgrade laptop and desktop computers, called OS X Mavericks, is offered free of charge to owners of the last three versions. Microsoft is charging $ 120 to $ 200 for the Windows 8.1 software update, despite the current owners of Windows 8 can upgrade for free.

What about calling Apple's productivity suite, Pages word processing program, software numbers spreadsheet and presentation maker Keynote? Free, as well as new purchases of devices. Apple even put a picture disparage $ 99 annual subscription fee to Microsoft for using mobile versions of Office applications. "Others would have to pay a small fortune," Apple vice president Eddy Cue said jokingly, again without naming Microsoft.

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Microsoft has delayed a lot with Office for the Apple platform, hoping that the suites offer only their own tablet could boost sales. Giving Office applications for the iPhone (rate of users of the suite only 2 out of 5 stars), but has not yet set a date for the iPad version.

Why the change in attitude of Apple? Before Microsoft has agreed to buy Nokia business device of $ 7.2 billion last month, the company was not a direct threat to the core business of Apple. Apple Software integrates the hardware considerably, which has almost all of its benefits. But now that Microsoft is also making quality hardware devices, it is right in the eyes of Apple.
  • Even tech analysts got the message loud and clear.

Almost all of the benefits of Microsoft come from licensing fees Windows operating system and Office productivity software, says Jan Dawson, Ovum telecoms analyst.

"Apple is training people to wait that long to be free," wrote Dawson after the Apple event. "Although this will not prevent Microsoft business overnight, will create additional pressure on Microsoft to cut prices of its productivity software and especially for Windows."

Tablet wars

The pricing strategy of Apple iPad also indicates the company is more focused on tablets in competition with Microsoft, the competition is not cheaper than Google, Amazon ( AMZN ) and others.

Microsoft does not compete with low prices tablets. Its surface Pro 2 actually costs more than an iPad, from $ 900 . E ' was launched as a replacement laptop can also offer entertainment applications of a tablet.

Apple introduced the iPad improved, called Air iPad, but prices have remained exactly the same , starting at $ 499. From the big screen as Amazon Kindle Fire HDX starts at $ 379.

And a new mini iPad with a better screen starts at $ 399, from $ 329 to the price of the previous model. Amazon sells smaller tablet to $ 229 , such as Google . Of course, Apple has held around the mini previous model but , at $ 299 , it is still priced far above the competition .

Thus, in tablets , Apple is competing in functionality and ease of use , not price - just like Microsoft .

New Apple iPads cover Nokia press conference also overwhelmed before Tuesday , which released its first tablet Windows, the Lumia 2520 .

Apple already has a lead of about 170 million iPads in Microsoft and Nokia . Now he is trying to push the final episode in

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